Sometimes it's all in a word. September means changing light, less bugs, the altered colours of leaves and a fresh burst of wind and air . it also represents a time of reflection and thoughts of new beginnings for me -(As who doesn't recall those early back to school feelings of excitement laced with a little fear of the unknown .?)

I love revisiting my wooly clothes ,cozy socks and scarves..and although a little confining after sandal season my worked in Blundstone boots are like old friends.

I have enjoyed sketching outdoors with my local group of sketchers and exploring media in my sketchbooks.. My art promotion side has been in sleeper mode but I think that's ok too. :-)

I have been working diligently,-consistently for the last 20 years to make my art accessible yet appealing to others and to offer classes both in person and online and to try to build community. it's been so wonderful to take a breath-and to do some personal,artistic exploration

...and to appreciate the bounty of natural beauty outside my door

Ive been sketching cloud landscapes outside my door and its been quite meditative .. i am not aimimng for realism ..more impressions which is quite liberating!

It makes me wonder and appreciate what new directions I will take artistically as a result of these explorations !

One of two recent paintings which represent a merger of approaches/styles..:-)

Another bit of news is I will be closing my shop for the next few weeks while I step away and jump on a plane to Scotland for an artist residency there! It's been a huge dream of mine to create work (uninhibited by domestic callings and other such distractions) in a beautiful natural environment . I hope to be inspired, influenced by my surroundings and to make a massive amount of art!

Stay tuned for my dispatches from the Highlands ..!

Until next time ..Stay creative and happy!

Cheers Heather

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