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My Heart and mind is full

Well I'm back from Scotland and re integrating myself gradually into my home world again. The colours of the Ontario leaves greeted me upon arrival which was quite nice . The memories of another time and place linger-and gratitude for time away at a magical place to create

Solitary travel is a learning experience ripe with challenge and adventure -made easier by a flexible outlook and a dash of humour. I discovered that I reached out more and embraced opportunity to connect with others when I was on my own.

That said this art residency for me was part personal discovery and part influence from my environment.

A small Scottish town with an incredible historic and natural setting was the perfect launching pad for artistic play. Such a beautiful town and community-

if anything I distracted by the sea ,by long winding walks and by my little and meaningful connections with others.

Even Though I live in a rural area in Canada I found this kind of community truly resonated for me in its beauty,culture and friendliness . Cromarty appealed to me for its genuine beauty in every respect and reaffirmed why I am attracted to smaller communities.

I tried a few new techniques and approaches creatively incorporating sketching with watercolour of the truly gorgeous old buildings and laneways -incorporating found images from the past from Scotland to tell a simple story..imagining how it might have been- perhaps.

I have more work to do now that I am on home terrain again!

Inspiration continues!

On a different note entirely I have decided to offer my classes online only until the end of November of this year ! I have to cover costs of the video provider monthly and also feel its time to move forward with other ventures which are more current . For those of you who wish to purchase a class over this month for 10 dollars and view it prior to December then I encourage you to please do so. Although the classes were offered over the past several years for indefinite viewing I believe there is a time to say so long ! I will continue to keep our Facebook discussion group in operation as it continues to provide a place online for lovers and makers of this style of art to connect

Here is the link for access to classes until December:

Please contact me at if you have any further queries ! Cheers Heather

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