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Merry and Happy Season Wishes to All

Well its been quite a month and in typical Canadian style I will report that the weather has been very saucy of late ! (I'm thinking if you are almost anywhere in North America you will concur that the weather has been more frightful than delightful over this past Christmas weekend!)

It's caused a little pause across the continent ,and although sadly many were separated from loved ones there was also opportunity to stay indoors and relax on days that typically involve a lot of hustle,bustle and fuss.

As for me our house was more full of animal cuddles and competition for a little spot near our small fireplace.

Our meals were somewhat untraditional with delicious Nepalese dishes stretched over three days and an improvised charcuterie board . We watched the Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol and counted our blessings . I slipped in a little sketch here and there over these three snow filled days and this offered contentment and a peaceful kind of feeling.