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March is going out like a Lion

This March has been a crazy kooky weather month as per normal in lovely Grey County Ontario Canada

I continue to experiment with various media and have more recently gravitated to sketchbooks -For the last week I have enjoyed and appreciated a lovely free workshop journey online (Sketchbook Revival 2022)with a wide array of talented instructors organized and hosted by artist Karen Abend ! The perfect mid winter pick me up ! An artist needs to keep learning and growing! Although I have not taken every class-my choices have been personally satisfying and achieve the results of keeping me in the making groove. As my typical style of mixed media painting is more exact than loose I've appreciated the dive into other methods of expressing myself using a variety of mediums and being less result focused!

a watercolour exercise created with instruction by Joy Ting in Sketchbook revival 2022

Arizona woodpecker created with watercolour and ink -Shari Blaukopf /sketchbook revival 22 class

Este MacLeod project using numbers to create a series of cat drawings..