keeping home fires burning

..Well actually its more like keeping electricity bill climbing..Our propane fireplace which heats our little log home has been waiting for replacement for this entire season..Thankfully this Friday will be the day we get that warming flame back into our lives..We were truly nervous when we lost the power during a recent wind storm and recognized how close we were to a freeze out with temperatures dipping below normal and early snowfalls encroaching on our world..

and of course we fretted that morning for our dear pigs and chickens (which didnt have sweaters..Luckily the electricity came on a few hours later and all was well..but it does give one pause to consider how fragile that balance of survival is and how we rely on these services to keep us both comfortable-and alive!

This led me to create a series of chickens with sweaters as a response to the situation at hand!

A highlight of this month has been teaching a memory portrait painting workshop locally at a fabulous new space in a historically renovated storefront in my local town. The students were enthusiast and focused -which of course made the whole experience quite wonderful!

Most of the students created memory portrait paintings as gifts for others although a couple enjoyed the process and gifted themselves ! :-)

If you would like to offer one of my easy and fun online video classes as a present for an artistic friend or family member..or create a lovely unique present for some one special yourself I am offering all of my online classes (to be taken whenever it works for you!) for the special price of 25 dollars until December 8th !

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