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January Greetings

I am hoping you are snuggled into winter wherever you are . (If you are finding shade under a palm tree then that's pretty nice too!) It's easy to slip into Canada -centric perceptions regarding where you are located -but the beauty of all this is that you might be anywhere in the world reading this post !

I find myself appreciating my indoor space while walking at least once a day down our country road to get fresh air and appease our dogs!

Sketching has become a passion that helps to fill those indoor moments nicely -and although drawing from observation can be unsettling at times for an artist like me who tends to like realistic results in my paintings -its also been a strange yet wonderful blessing in enabling me to relax,loosen up and let perfection go! Attending our local Bruce grey Sketchers has helped keep the momentum going as we meet twice monthly ..I encourage you to either join a local chapter of Urban Sketchers or to start your own informal group wherever you live! All it requires is someone to take the lead and suggest a regular meeting time and space..the rest will follow :-) For inspiration why not visit Urban Sketchers international

and if you happen to live in my region of Grey Bruce then please join us!