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It's my prerogative..

..To change my mind it seems! I have been mulling over how I wish to make changes in how I offer my art to you and the world and decided I will hang on to Etsy (as there are many loyal folk there-supporting me over the years !) so after further contemplation I will continue to sell original paintings on paper and prints in my Etsy shop (for now)

As for my website -I will sell original paintings on canvas and wood which are larger in dimension. I will keep everyone informed of these changes which feel like giant steps for me!

early evening sun filtering into my kitchen

This time of year can feel long and languishing ..I have been very prolific even while working on classes and my techniques and journaling . There are no outdoors other than a sea of white to tempt me to play in the soil.. Or to clean up a backyard debris collected over snowy months .. I walk every morning with one of the dogs ..every day without fail (other then super stormy days when I