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Hocus Pocus Focus

This Spring has really been anything but so far .. (Being Canadian weather is my regular obsession!) Windy, snowing off and on..Below freezing temperatures in the days and nights.. The birds have bravely returned with their morning songs so perhaps this is a sign of sorts. My pig and hens/roosters are finally out despite the chill- reveling in outdoor time and any snacks they can uncover in the soil. I hear the pig Winston baritone grunting his way around the house. Excavating as he goes. Loosening grass and soil for delectable insects etc . The chickens carry on their clucky conversations too -I'm sure overjoyed to be outside to explore after such a long winter !

I love to watch their interactions..The pleasure they seem to derive from their dirt "baths'

I have been drawing them lately too..Well of course my own version

and Winston with his piggy back chickens..(Hmm a story there perhaps !)