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Filling in the contemplative moments with learning, experimentation and creative play !

After a few years of neglect I thought it might be time to revisit writing and posting in this blog. It feels timely and welcome back if you followed me before !. I will continue to send newsletters out to my subscribers which will inform re my upcoming events, sales and promotions-but I hope that here will be a space where I can be a little more informal in sharing with you. :-)

January and February have offered the luxury of snowy indoor days when I can try new things -experiment with a variety of media and ideas! I heartily recommend that you shelter time for exploration if you can . There are so many resources for learning now and from the comfort of your home if you please ! I have been receiving prompts (you can too!) from the marvelous artist Este Macleod . You can check her courses out here as well you can try the color prompts she offers weekly for free to inspire you! Domestika

also has an abundant array of courses to jumpstart your art creation.. Personally I have enjoyed instruction from artists Laura Mckendry and

Sarah Van Dongen both of whom inspired me to return to my sketchbooks ! Above is a moment in time -my winter chores with the outdoor critters honestly depicted !

Below-Playing with watercolors!