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A Sketchy summer

This summer has whipped by for me..How about you? Perhaps because I long for sultry summer heat and longer days of sunlight throughout the year ..and then it arrives -and "poof" it's almost over. This has been my first full year as a full time artist. I have learned so much about myself already ..

Exploring new skills has been front and centre in my art practise..So much of the art that I have been experimenting with looks nothing like my typical approach! This has all been quite marvellous -and proved to me that I can still revisit old styles such as illustrative drawing for the pure pleasure of creating. Filling up my sketchbooks has motivated and prompted me to draw and make marks more regularly..I'm still working on defeating my inner censor but I am committed to not ripping out pages I am unhappy with! It's a start . Ultimately I am hoping for a happy merging of styles/approach ! I will keep you tuned in to my progress with this journey.

sketching older buildings has always been a passion..but it has been dormant now for a number of years ..Working with ink , pencil and gouache in this one

Sketching outings this summer with our local urban sketchers style group has provided an encouraging social aspect to my current dedication to drawing life around me! below a sample of a sketch at our local marine/rail museum..

watercolour ,pencil and pen

Winston our pig hoping that there may be some bar b q corn for him to taste test..

Its so much easier to work with the subjects in your life around you!

Hope you are making the most of these lovely days ! Cheers ark style..A couple of these paintings from my "Leap" series have already been claimed :-) can be discovered in my Etsy shop

on that note Please stay tuned- There is an art sale in my shop on horizon! I am planning an end of summer (boohoo) sale to launch next week !

Hope you are making the most of these lovely days ! Cheers Heather

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