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A month of Love

Ahh February..A short month yet in my part of the world Ontario,Canada..It can feel long and lingering with some of the coldest days and wintery weather. Today is full of sunlight and hope.

The snow is bright and reflective almost blinding in intensity against the landscape . Muted shades of brown ,grey and deep green of cedars and pines shine through.

The Robbie Burns night at the The Georgian Bay school of the Arts went quite smoothly and I believe folks enjoyed the festivities from the solitary Piper ,to the snack of shortbread and scotch eggs and haggis potato chips! I truly was warmed by the positive reception to my talk and slide show and it helped me bring my Cromarty residency experience around full circle .

A spot to display my art created in Scotland through residency and beyond

Such a Lovely audience!

I had just recovered from a two week cough and illness so having my hot tea in hand helped ward off potential coughing attack ! (I made it through the 45 minute talk phew)

I have returned to painting a few mixed media paintings with the twist being the addition of more detailed background sketches in watercolour and Gouache ..I believe my residency and sketching practise have had a profound influence on my direction with art !

..and the concertina works on paper too!

I will be offering a few of my watercolour and gouache sketches as well as a concertina or two in my Etsy shop as of today!

It's been awhile !

Don't forget to check out my youtube channel for new online class releases .."Into the Wild," "Background magic "and "A touch of paint" are all now available !

And last but not least Sketchbook group in the community as well as almost daily sketches at home keep me enthused about drawing and experimentation

A recent sketch date at Grey gallery in Owen Sound

These sketches are so very different from my usual practise yet I do note that not only do they offer me freedom and looseness-they also seem to promote ideas, insight and vision. I believe as artists we need to continuously learn and grow !

and for your viewing pleasure a sketchbook tour with pages from a few years ago until present !

Keep warm and cozy and create something wonderful whenever you have a moment or two !

yours in art


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