Summer time and the heat inspires

(while I perspire)! It's 33 degrees celsius apparently equivalent to 43 with humidity ! No AC ..plenty of fans ...and the last entry I made was in February! With the luxury of two weeks away from my other job I was able to concentrate on making art and filming my latest online class . There has been more time to commune with all the wonderful creatures who live in our world too ..:-) I have been busy refreshing water bowls for all and thinking and letting the days flow lazily without much planned. Hanging wash on the clothesline -(something domestic that I actually enjoy) and eating well but in a more grazing fashion ..

the heat makes us all slow down and well..

I am quite excited to be launching my new online class called "Magical Backgrounds"! It's been awhile! The learning curve was ever evident.:-)

The online class is a two part video workshop with a focus on creating backgrounds in your mixed media paintings which pull together your visual story..I labour over these classes as there is much to film, edit and fret about !( I actually finished an entire workshop ready to upload and deleted it in error! ) Grr ..Sigh..I take comfort in feeling that the second gargantuan effort is a film I am happy with and worth the pain of losing the first!

One of the finished paintings/projects from my new online class!

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