I have been spending my indoor time sketching, pondering new directions and trying to open my mind to new techniques and approaches with my art ..I have been playing with collage and paint and mixed media for over 14 years now -with my early works relying strictly on cut and paste and construction.(assemblage). My sketchbook /journals led me to where | am today ..Now its time to examine new types of markmaking and forms..

I am trying to work with muted colors and a sketchier feel ..

a few sketches from my sketchbook..

a few sketches from my sketchbook..

A painting I have been working on to commemorate Womens Day

I am still hoping to integrate drawing and collage so stay posted ...

Something new..I have included a few of my larger paintings for sale on my webpage s..shipping is included in the price of each painting! (Regretfully-only North America orders!)

That's all for now...:-)

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