Art, home comforts and reinventing my studio space

As a few of you may be aware I have moved my art studio into my little log home to see if I can accomplish focus and a regimen without too much distraction . A recognition of the challenges of sharing space with another sort of business hammered home in late November -and I realized that more than down sizing I had compromised my privacy and ability to come and go as needed and had compromised

my space to the degree I no longer felt comfortable. My dilemma was how to move all of my gear and essentials (and a few cherished collectibles) to my open concept less than 1000 foot home.

It seems to be working though -after much tucking away and rehoming and recycling materials and "stuff" I had felt I needed. I am appreciating the feeling of being settled in my own space-a coffee or tea can be made nearby in my own mug. my wee beasties are surrounding me and often I have a dog nestled up against my feet..r cat curled up on a table.

I somehow managed to move the studio,participate in two shows, finish several commission paintings and run a workshop prior to Christmas..Now that I am nestled in (and the snowfall outside my window contributes to that!) I have discovered I can make art at my own pace and when the mood strikes..

I have gained some of my own time back too - no more 20 minute drives through unpredictable weather.

So another circus themed series seemed to be the antidote for my hurried times ..A cause for celebration!

Happy New year and wishes for much creative output in 2018 !