Fall happenings and new old digs

August was bittersweet in trying to get my head around moving out of my Chesley storefront studio and back into my tiny home Fortuitously, a wonderful opportunity came knocking at my door the day of the clear out sale and a proposal was presented to me to share space with a talented local photographer. Needless to say I was very relieved -overjoyed actually.. and able to reduce surplus but continue to work where I felt comfortable!

the prep for sale...

A view of the back room of my space with plenty of room to work and a few beloved items to surround me..

I realized how important it was for me to work away from my own living space -and that even after paring down considerably there were still supplies and mementos and my dad's old drafting table which I still was not ready to part with ..In this space I can get into "the zone" of creating ..without distraction of everyday life.

Now I am getting prepared for a group show at the Elora Centre for the Arts in October ...

as well a a one day in- person memory portraits workshop..If you live in the vicinity :-)

I have been working on large altered paintings with the color red as a centrepoint and a dash of whimsy with the addition of chickens and geese.. The underpainting often peeks through for added mystique..

and smaller paintings with more muted tones and feeling available in my etsy shop. (Click on picture below to view shop!)


There has not been alot of time to stop and ponder but whenever I get the opportunity I appreciate the ever present fur and feather members of the family who offer their wonderful natural presence and muse like qualities !