A summer so far of art and..

Artsburg was a delightful and well attended event to show works out of doors this past July -and did not disappoint with high quality art and friendly fellow artists and patrons dedicated enough to brave the rain!

on another note 6 new feathered family members have provided entertainment and antics while adjusting to life as adolescents at our homestead..

summer offers more distractions from making art..

but also provides inspiration in growth and bursts of colour

I'm holding a sale at my studio this weekend August 13 to pare down my studio ..this feels rather

odd but strangely liberating too..decisions decisions ..what to let go of..what to keep..

and finally a studio clear out of my etsy shop Maudstarr Art for those who cant make it to my studio in person ! (25% off all art until August 13 only) coupon code ..STUDIO SALE click on above photo!

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