Spring Musing

As a Canadian..I seem to be true to form re my preoccupation with all things weather. It seem to influence everything we set out to do from driving ,or activities planned out of doors- sudden snow blizzards ,torrential rainstorms and heat waves..The prospect of warmer days lifts my spirits yet I am trying to appreciate each day as it comes..The warmer days and greener grass symbolizes waking up to a new color palette..

What next? I am constantly asking myself this question..

I have been playing around a bit and experimenting with different backgrounds and a brighter set of hues..but also redoing old paintings that no longer work for me..

This painting, for example originally featured two girls from the turn of the century and as subjects they just didn't feel suitable for the story -.I rarely use boys but this lad seemed to represent the time and place I remember from my old childhood so...

I chose a very rainy day to complete these pieces..to prove yet again that weather has an incredible influence it seems on the creative force within also!

... my studio storefront window!

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