Challenging the grey ..

It's been very grey this past January where I live in Ontario Canada . Stark grey. Apparently both ways of spelling gray are correct.. But somber is the order of the day..grey.

I am on holidays this week and therefore have indulged myself with art and allowing myself copious studio time ..sigh The world has been sad and distracting of late and my tonic is to tune in and not ignore -yet remove myself enough so that it doesn't eat me from the inside out. and make art. I am encouraged by the mobilization and protest for values we all hold dear and have to believe good hearts will eventually rule.

Where I work.. a little messy a little ramshackle.. but its a wonderful space for me...

on my wall little shrines from a mail art trade years ago...and a beautiful little abstract from a beloved Montreal artist

little bits of nostalgia to calm my soul and provide a muse of sorts ..

working on some new mixed media pieces with an abstract twist...

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