Seeking The calm

I am not sure when it occurred to me how the season needed to put some breaks on but I have been trying desperately hard to accomplish a peaceful passage through it for most of my adult life. Ever since I sobbed myself silly over the embarrassment and shame of my well thought out homemade gifts or fretting over purchasing someone the perfect gift (and getting it all wrong of course!)..Gift giving has been a loaded issue for me for most of my life.. Hence my desire to pare it down ..and one day I hope to accomplish it completely by celebrating the season solely with sparkling lights ,well wishes to all and one great dinner. Making art soothes me -and I am really pleased when others choose my craft to offer to another..or better still for their own appreciation! So I am a bit conflicted..but perhaps this hearkens back to the concept of handmade..

Commercial Christmas can seem transparently awful from every angle-Pumped out hysteric carols from every store audio system..cajoling to buy buy buy.. Tension on shoppers faces ..grown ups snapping at children ..heavily laden with too many parcels..

But the simpler moments of grace may be heightened if we pay attention..

keep warm and cozy inside (if you live where there is snow that is!:-)

rest and recouperate

keep your heart warm


Enjoy the smaller moments

observe the world with a positive,hopeful lens

Happy Festive season to all!

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