Autumn Art Follies

This has been a most busy Autumn..So busy that that I have neglected posting here. I am just getting ready to start my first series of art classes in my studio ..Wish me lots of luck as I have no idea what to anticipate! Eeek ..I postered various small towns surrounding my studio town,Chesley and a local reporter graciously interviewed me for an article in the Hanover Post so we will see what unravels on Saturday when I host my first Open House!

I also finally finally completed my 100 days of portraits project ! Oh happy day! This was an incredibly illuminating experience as it prompted me to be creative constantly -(since this past April! 2015.}. I had not realized what a colossal undertaking it was until I was in the process of making! I learned alot about myself..about my connections with others..and about the huge responsibility of publicly displaying such personal images on a daily basis ..The element of surprise made the experience more rich -and I enjoyed hearing responses and receiving feedback on such a regular basis..Sometimes it was overwhelming-and I fretted over impressions -what if that particular person really disliked my interpretation of their face?..What if something I wrote offended? These thoughts kept me humble despite the constant exposure.

The other news is The In Spirit show at The Burlington Art Gallery..An amazing experience for me as a later career artist. I felt honoured and the art looked magnificent curated with style and finesse in such a beautiful space.

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