100 days of Portraits..A challenge!

Life is crazy busy these days with a full time job,my art studio time ..and with Spring- cleaning- up- a rural property is that one extra thing really necessary?..but..

I decided to take on this challenge to create 100 art portraits of my facebook contacts/friends (a portrait a day until July 14 just for fun. And for connection... And for commitment to a personal creative cause. It will also ensure that I am am actively making art and potentially coming up with some brand new ideas of the next 100 days ..Wish me Well! I will be posting on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/maudstarr and on instagram https://instagram.com/maudstarr/

Check out more about this project here:


Picasa - IMG_2810.jpg

Picasa - IMG_2816.jpg

Picasa - IMG_2818.jpg

Picasa - IMG_2819-001.jpg

Picasa - IMG_2883.jpg

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