Art Zine for Palestine fundraiser !


This full colour art Zine is available to you now-in order for me (and you!) to contribute to the ongoing plight of the people of Gaza !
For This fundraiser I will be donating 15 dollars of your payment to the struggling organization UNRWA !
if you live in Canada or the USA I will cover your postage - otherwise I need to charge 10.00 for overseas orders .
Each Zine is signed and dated by the artist. 14 illustrations are featured -created by this artist in response to the Genocide in Gaza-and to celebrate the beautiful country of Palestine. Thanks to UK artist Sarah Dyer for her leadership and online live drawing sessions for Palestine in which I have regularly participated. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" in dimension..

Thank you so much for your contribution and participation in this new fundraiser !!

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