Into the Wild 

A new online art class for you to learn how to creatively capture the natural world around you

You will learn how to use your own nature images or found wild life images and incorporate them into a mixed media painting ! You do not need to know how to draw animals to be able to work with this project ..and you will fine tune your artists eye for design, color and placement in order to pull your paintings together in a fabulous painterly way! Developing your own personal style and trademark from this method is encouraged! You may take this class on your own time and in your own space and watch video as often as you like! You will also be offered the link to our dynamic class facebook group 


The  30 minute video includes step by step instruction and the class page will offer a material list . The class focuses on 4 different projects as a springboard for your own future projects . I encourage you to share your art with our group and I am available also to answer your questions related to the class via email 

only 10 dollars for unlimited access!  

AAfter signing up for class you will be sent an access password ! Please allow allow a little time as I send each  welcome email personally .