October 19, 2018

Such a brilliant sky every morning and every night ..the leaves are dancing and totally showing off ..but the drama in the clouds keeps me riveted! 

 As an artist the world around me beckons to be noticed.. I have also been involved in a local monthly artist's social where we recently traded artist "coins. it's lovely to be connected with other artists and kindred spirits..The discussion is always rich and lively

I  have been working on new paintings with a lighter rural twist 

 as well as a small limited series of carnival pieces..with bluebirds!

  I continue to appreciate my interactions with other artists both online and in person.. Inspiration is so important and motivates me to keep on making what I love..

For those of you who were thinking about taking an online workshop with me ..or if there is a class you have missed I have decided to ex...

July 1, 2018

(while I perspire)!  It's 33 degrees celsius apparently equivalent to 43 with humidity ! No AC ..plenty of fans ...and the last entry I made was in February!  With the luxury of two weeks away from my other job  I was able to concentrate on making art and filming my latest online class . There has been more time to commune with all the wonderful creatures who live in our world too ..:-) I have been busy refreshing water bowls for all and thinking and letting the days flow lazily without much planned. Hanging wash on the clothesline -(something domestic that I actually enjoy) and eating well but in a more grazing fashion ..

                                     the heat makes us all slow down and well..

 I am quite excited to be laun...

February 25, 2018

Who would think that I could abandon portraits and my beloved vintage people and creatures for abstract painting! One moment (last week)I am drawing the world around me with my sketchbook and the next I am breaking loose with paints!

 This painting is huge..and currently hanging over our bed ! 

I had so much fun I decided to work on some smaller paintings

12 x12" square in dimension ..Punchy bright colors beckoned me here ..There is nothing like jumping right out of your comfort zone..and creating something liberating! 

 I am quite excited about this artistic detour ..For now it is offering another form of  creative expression and I am loving it! take a peek...

Now in my Etsy shop..!

February 16, 2018

I have been spending my indoor time sketching, pondering new directions and trying to open my mind to new techniques and approaches with my art ..I have been playing with collage and paint and mixed media for over 14 years now -with my early works relying strictly on cut and paste and construction.(assemblage). My sketchbook /journals led me to where | am today ..Now its time to examine new types of markmaking and forms..

I am trying to work with muted colors and a sketchier feel ..

                                                             a few sketches from my sketchbook..

A painting I have been working on to commemorate Womens Day

 I am still hoping to integrate drawing and collage so stay posted ... 


January 1, 2018

As a few of you may be aware I have moved my art studio into my little log home to see if I  can accomplish focus and a regimen without too much distraction . A recognition of the challenges of sharing space with another sort of business hammered home in late November -and I realized that more than down sizing I had compromised my privacy and ability to come and go as needed and had compromised

my space to the degree I no longer felt comfortable. My dilemma was how to move all of my gear and essentials (and a few cherished collectibles) to my open concept less than 1000 foot home.

It seems to be working though -after much tucking away and rehoming and recycling materials and "stuff" I had felt I needed.  I am appreciating the feeling of being settled in my own space-a coffee or tea  can be made nearby in my own mug. my wee beasties are surrounding me and...

September 20, 2017

August was bittersweet in trying to get my head around moving out of my Chesley storefront studio and back into my tiny home  Fortuitously, a wonderful opportunity came knocking at my door the day of the clear out sale and a proposal was presented to me to share space with a talented local photographer. Needless to say I was very relieved -overjoyed actually.. and able to reduce surplus but continue to work where I felt comfortable!

 the prep for sale...

 A view of the back room of my space with plenty of room to work and  a few beloved items  to surround me..

 I realized how important it was for me to work away from my own living space -and that even after paring down considerably there were still supplies and mementos and my dad's old drafting table which I still was not ready to part with ..In this space I can get into "the zone" of crea...

August 9, 2017

 Artsburg was a delightful and well attended event to show works out of doors this past July -and did not disappoint with high quality art and friendly fellow artists and patrons dedicated enough to brave the rain!

 on another note 6 new feathered family members have provided entertainment and antics while adjusting to life as adolescents at our homestead..

 summer offers more distractions from making art..

 but also provides inspiration in growth and bursts of colour

 I'm holding a sale at my studio this weekend August 13 to pare down my studio ..this feels rather 

odd but strangely liberating too..decisions decisions ..what to let go of..what to keep..

and finally a studio clear out of my etsy shop Maudstarr Art  for those who cant make it to my studio in person ! (25% off all art until August 13 only) coupon code ..STUDIO SALE click on above photo!

August 4, 2017

I am refreshing my studio space..well that is my way of facing this huge task of downsizing fourteen years of establishing my studio "nest".. My little oasis away from home.

 It makes me ponder why we get attached to "things".. A lot of my stuff has brought me comfort to view, to touch, to have around me ..To connect me with other eras..To shape the space I work in..

I have not been able to use my studio rented space-my storefront to its full potential of late..when I leave it abandoned and empty for a week it feels wrong. My other work takes a lot of my personal energy and family in other city beckons me often. 

I always stress to other artists to create your personal space-wherever you are -even if it's a corner table.

 My little home will soon feature that "corner" . I intend to create big ,interesting new works in my small space..I will continue to offer cl...

May 7, 2017

As a Canadian..I seem to be true to form re my preoccupation with all things weather. It seem to influence everything we set out to do from driving ,or activities planned out of doors- sudden  snow blizzards ,torrential rainstorms and heat waves..The prospect of warmer days lifts my spirits yet  I am trying to appreciate each day as it comes..The warmer days and greener grass symbolizes waking up to a new color palette..

 What next? I am constantly asking myself this question..

 I have been playing around a bit and experimenting with different backgrounds and a brighter set of hues..but also redoing old paintings that no longer work for me..

 This painting, for example originally featured two girls from the turn of the century and as subjects they just didn't feel suitable for the story -.I rarely use boys but this lad seemed to represent the time and place I...

January 31, 2017

It's been very grey this past January where I live in  Ontario Canada . Stark grey. Apparently both ways of spelling gray are correct.. But somber is the order of the day..grey. 

I am on holidays this week  and therefore have indulged myself with art and allowing myself copious studio time ..sigh The world has been sad and distracting of late and my tonic is to tune in and not ignore -yet remove myself enough so  that it doesn't eat me from the inside out. and make art. I am encouraged by the mobilization and protest for values we all hold dear  and have to believe good hearts will eventually rule.

 Where I work.. a little messy a little ramshackle.. but its a wonderful space for me...

 on my wall little shrines from a mail art trade years ago...and a beautiful little abstract from a beloved Montreal artist

 little bits of nostalgia to...

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