A  little about the artist..


 Heather Murray is a Chatsworth Ontario, Canada mixed media artist who is inspired and driven to create. She exhibits, sells locally and internationally and her work is in collections worldwide.

 A simpler world is her vision .  A world where good hearts rule She cuts pastes, paints and assembles what moves her and captures her attention.   Collage and assemblage bring out the inner scavenger in her, and she savours discarded finds and utilizes found objects in new enticing ways. Her roots stem from an editorial illustration background, She continues to experiment and to play and works out of her Chesley Ontario storefront studio  A former urban dweller she is an artist with an editorial illustration background.  She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario in the 1970s and became enamoured with illustrative art as a response to the world around her .  This has influenced her style and creative intent as she approaches her art with the eye of a storyteller . Heather's paintings are a hybrid of past and present and her reverence for old photos in her work is a vehicle for giving new life to old imagery. . Nostalgia, memory, loss, hope and a sentimental vantage point help her to create a story with her paint, scissors and canvas.

 Her art has evolved from working in high realism as a painter to using found elements in her work to tell a story ..She lives with a variety of creatures who often play a part as her muse..se ;-)

.The old Haunted Studio


This is the studio where  I used to create ..It was formerly a holding cell of some sort in the historical (1860's Courthouse in our small cityI'-and has three levels built into the tiny tall Victorian space.ai

tIt is rumoured to be haunted and I have experienced a few unexplained (yet strangely enough not scary) incidences in this space..Otherwise it wass quite a soothing and meditative place to make art!This beautiful building was sold in the summer of 2015 for the sum of 10 dollars..


The New Storefront studio!

My background includes facilitating workshops and classes for children,Youth and adults..The emphasis is on fun and art as a process. My belief is that everyone has creative ability!

A new environment where magic and learning can take place! Children's classes started in october 2015

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